Playing The Field

Entry by: odgemob

23rd September 2016
"What was that grandpa? Shall I get you another pillow? Some hot water for your cough?"

-Not that. No need but...
Don't you remember how we used to run?

"Who Grandpa?"

-Like we were chasing after our own youth.
God, we must have run the width of the world
Just up and down that football field.
Shouting and leaping as day skidded into night.
None of us had proper boots,
(We played better without them anyway)
The warm sand and the thin grass flashing through our toes.

And when we fell: curling like insects to hide our tears.
And when we won: lifting each other like champions, tumbling, sweaty hand slaps, cheers.
And when we lost: The shoulder strong solidarity as we tramped back home.
And when we got home: our heads so full of sky that our mother's shouts meant nothing to us.

Well, childhood is not always what we wish it to be.
Childhood is lonely,
The world is so huge, so uncertain and you are so small. I'm not sure that I would go back.
No, not even to see my parents once more.
Life is not meant to be lived twice.

But, my God, I would do anything to be able to play football again.

"Would you grandpa?"

-I think so. Yes.