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18:36, 18 Jan 2018
What happens when... you finally realize something that has been staring at you, from right in front of you, from just feet away.. from right next to you - what happens when you finally understand something you've been walking around for the longest time?

Why do we do this? Why do we blind ourselves to the truth?

Why do we so often chase impossible dreams over those which are so real, so feasible - and also next to us?

Is there a contradiction here? Can the impossible dreams that we think are next to us that blind us to the reality that is feasible and real, and also staring at us.. is this inherently contradictory? No... no, this is babble. There is no contradiction. It is simply the truth.

A man with a purpose - a purpose that is imagined - may not see the true value and purpose that he could achieve, if he just stopped imagining, stopped existing only in his mind.

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