In The Holidays

Entry by: Olivia

3rd July 2015
In the holidays
She rolled over and stroked his sweaty body again, ’however are we going to see each other in the holidays’, she whined, ’I’ll miss you so much’.
They contrived to see each other everyday at the office, she always managed to find some knotty problem that needed his attention. They were discrete at work and no one was overly bothered about what they were doing, they were all far too busy trying to hold back the threatening tide of redundancies. Coffee dates had spread to lunches together and after work meetings that were easily explained by pressure of work.
Paul had become skilled at keeping stuff separate. Hid double cuffed shirts and brogues gave him an air of seniority and capability. His briefcase, tightly packed with immaculately marked papers just shouted high grade executive, his Mont Blanc pen completed the look. It was his uniform, to be donned, one that left the trampled Weetabix behind, along with the baby tears and the recriminations of his wife. He’d looked at her as he had left the house that morning. He knew what he had planned for the day and no longer felt even a tug of remorse. What did she expect? She was so, he had searched for the word to describe her, so sloppy now. Her clothes were baggy, creased and sick smelling, her hair pulled back, roots showing. What ever did she expect? He had made the most perfunctory gestures at a kiss and left to battle the 07.20.
Ann was tight and together. She was organised and knew what was happening. So what if she wanted much more than he had planned on giving? He’d take what he wanted for as long as he could. But now she was on about what to do in the holidays again. Her voice jarred, she always whined when she wanted her own way. ‘Just come with us, same place, same time’, as soon as the words were out he could watch her cheer up. They had 15 minutes left, he reckoned that gave him time for another quickie, he liked to show her just how virile he was.
They were sweaty and uncomfortable in the bed. He did have a moment of hesitation when she had suggested ’their hotel’ and ‘their usual room’ .The proprietorial way she talked about them troubled him. He didn’t belong with her and she didn’t own him. But she persisted in finding ways to link them together. He knew that his suggestion of holidays in the same place would go down well but he wasn’t prepared for the amount of organisation. Katy had booked their rooms and flights in her casual haphazard way, but it usually worked so he let her get on with it. Ann wanted all sorts of details which he didn’t even know, let alone remember to find out. As the days strode on he blocked off the impending ‘break’. Somehow Katy was managing to assemble all their gear and was too busy to notice his lack of interest and his mounting fear.
Ann was going on the same plane, he didn’t know where she was staying, regretting ever coming up with the silly idea. Not that any of this stopped him from meeting up frequently in ‘their hotel’. He remained captivated by her body and her absolute willingness to do anything in bed to please him.
The journey was the nightmare he knew it would be. The children fretted and Katy just hauled herself around, fussing over stuff and checking her lists. He had meticulously packed his own matching luggage, keeping separate from the raggle taggle of his family.
They eventually arrived at the busy airport and Katy parked the car, he cursed again on the unfairness of the speeding system that meant he didn’t currently have a licence. He strode on purposefully and left them to manage but was nearly frozen on the spot when he saw Ann and her luggage just ahead of them in the gate queue. Why on earth had she got the exact same luggage as himself? He had deliberately chosen the style to set himself aside, and there she was, pretending to be as good as him. She did look good though, her toned body wrapped in a flowing dress, touching in the right places to hint at what he knew was underneath. One of the children was pulling at his leg and he resisted the temptation to brush it aside. ‘Look Daddy, snap!’ – ‘Oh yes, Toby, now please let go of my leg’. Ann turned round at the voice and beamed at the family, tilting back towards the screen.
They edged forward, the children and Katy becoming impatient and fretful while Ann just took out her book – some high brow rubbish that he couldn’t understand; she stood there, taut and composed. Lost in the melee of embarking they ended up at opposite ends of the plane and Paul tried to relax. Katy seemed to have lost interest in what was happening and a couple of times Paul had had to wake her so that she could deal with their noisy children. Remembering what the brochure had said about the resort he had had great hopes of the planned break. He knew that there were some very nice restaurants close by but he knew he’d have to take the children and he hated meal times with them.
That first night was awful, too hot, the restaurant was only mediocre and the children fractious. He hadn’t seen Ann since the plane and had begun to relax, hoping that she had decided to be sensible.
The second night he thought they could risk one of the more salubrious places. Shortly after they had settled at the table Ann walked confidently in and sat at the table next to them. He could smell her favorite perfume as she walked by and even in the turmoil of her appearance he wondered if it was the bottle he had given her for Christmas. She beamed at them in a friendly way and sat down. Katy fussed with the children and he tried hard to concentrate on the menu. Somehow they struggled through the evening but having he two of them so close together made Paul sweaty in his Ralph Lauren polo.
The next day was worse, she arrived at the beach shortly after them and lay close to their motley collection. One of the children even whispered that it was that lady again. He texted her and asked what she was playing at, only to get a reply that it was his idea and that she liked to do what she was told.
It wasn’t the relaxing time he had wanted; the children demanded his attention and even Katy seemed to want something of him. He longed for the peaceful quiet of his study and the knowledge that Ann was safely tucked away.
After going through the English newspapers at breakfast on day 4 he sauntered up to their room, expecting the usual muddle and chaos of the beach trek. He was startled to find order in the tiny room. ‘Just thought I’d help a little’ said Ann, ‘the maid kindly let me in when I said I had left something in the room’ Paul stared at her, not sure whether to be grateful that he had an erection or to wish that it had never happened. Ann sidled over, he felt his heart beat rise, it had been nearly a week and he knew Katy was out of the way with the children and decided there was time for him to meet his needs.
He strode over to Ann, confident that she shared his urgency. But she simply stood there, not pulling him in nor pushing him away.
‘Paul, there is something I need to say to you. Please let me finish’ . Shocked, he sat on the bed. ‘Paul’, Ann continued, ‘we won’t be leaving when you do on Saturday’. ’We?’ he shouted, ’which ‘we’ is that?’ ‘We’, she said patiently, ’is myself and Katy and the two children. How do you think I knew so much? We have been emailing for ages and now we know each other for real.’ ‘Real’ he said, ’what do you mean, real?’ ‘Why not ask your wife yourself, she is just coming back. ‘ Katy and the children burst into the room, looking happier than he had seen them for a long time.
‘Katy, tell me its not true, tell me you’re staying with me’. ‘It’s true Paul, we have both had enough of being dished out bits of you. We are all or nothing people and have decided on nothing of you thanks. We’re off tonight’ ‘But,’ he stammered, ‘how did you know each other?’ ‘That was easy, we both read your emails. How else do you think Ann knew what luggage to get and that we could then find her really easily? We have really got to know each other in the months of your relationship and to be honest, we are both sick of your complacent disdain. Do what you like from now on, we won’t be needing you anymore.