Old School Tie

Entry by: Karen Weaver

6th July 2015
My old school tie was worn with pain
And sometimes often a little shame
All down to the words of my English teacher
In my mind he was a toughened preacher
Who always made me read against my will
The embarrassment clear in my mind still
I have learnt lots since that time
To rob a child from learning is a crime
No point in living with pain and regret
It is always best to forgive and forget
Irony creeps in as I am now a writer
One with a life purpose, like a freedom fighter
I share wisdom accumulated through hurt and pain
As I will never have to learn again
Because when I wore that old school tie
Things have changed and now I do try
The school of life is the new tie I wear with pride
With a treasure chest filled with a life of learning by my side