Train Of Thought

Entry by: tinyfeet&bluebirds

17th July 2015
Jumping around like a sizzling hot grasshopper,
Trains of thought run full steam ahead, buzz
And bounce and ricochet off the walls of my mind
And onto my screen, flying through the cyber-net to
Wikipedia, Huffington Post, Urban Dictionary and
Mirriam Webster. Sequences like stations
Passed through in a blur, nameless places
Full of nameless faces who I may or may not
Have friended on Facebook. Constantly
Connected to the never-ending web of
Discourse, sans remorse blowing my thoughts
Off course, hijacking my ideas to the highest
Bidder. I could reverse, pull back, abandon ship,
Take my baggage to the old steam carriage
And let my mind wander where it will go. Oh
To take time again, to watch the rain drip, drip
Its slow path down the steamed up windows
Of an antiquated train, as it huffs and puffs
Gruffly up the hill and down again along the Irish
Coast from Dublin to Rosslare. Or through the
Kentish countryside leading homeward from Dover,
Where I closed my eyes and kissed the sweet
Green grass of home after so many years away.
A dear little engine just like Ivor, singing bliss
In the Welsh hills, my childhood remembered,
No need for speed just time to savour every moment.
Trains of thought revisited, sequence slowed,
No beginning stated, no ending claimed, number
Of passengers aboard unknown. I choose
Time to know where to go and when to get off,
When to pause, learn the names of the places and
The faces half glimpsed through the pane of
The train as it glides into the station to stop.