Where I'm Going

Entry by: Paul McDermott

30th July 2015
I didn't set out to write the lyrics of a song, but the melody sneaked into my head and wouldn't go away ...
I hope formatting will allow the 2-part 'harmonised' final verse Print the way I've written them!

Travelling Man

It's six o'clock in the evening, my feet itch, I've got to be leaving
Can't stay one more night in this town, too many memories holding me down
There's no grounds or cause to tarry, I don't have too much to carry
I'll find me another untried road, my guitar's no heavy load
Where I'm going? Don't ask me, I don't have a clue
But when I get there I'll be better off without you

It's true, remembering you has left me feeling blue
Honey, you were cruel, maybe I was a fool, but now it's time to start anew
I'll find another gig to play, another town along the way
And you and me will be a sweet memory, a dream that was never meant to be
Where I'm going? Don't ask me, I really don't care
Remind me to tell you if I ever get there

Now I'm on my way, and I'm feeling OK with a thousand songs to play
Some are old, some new, some I wrote just for you, and I meant each word, it's true
And the call of the road's too strong, my feet say I just gotta move on
Move on ................ move on (yeah) ............ move on .......... move on
[Where I'm going] [Where I'm going] [Where I'm going]

Where I'm going? Don't ask me, that's a stupid question!
Where I'm going? Maybe I'm open to a good suggestion
Where I'm going? (spoken: fade) As far as the next lift takes me, I guess ...
(continue 'fade') Going north? Yeah, anywhere but here ...