Where I'm Going

Entry by: percypop

31st July 2015
The first time I knew where I was going was the day you left me. You fed me lies about your love and like a sap, I took it all in.Your play-acting had me confused, believing our feelings were mutual. Love? That's a good laugh.
If you loved me, would you spend nights away? Other times you brought back your drunken pals to the house and drank yourselves into a stupor.
I learnt about love. I saw the negative side. The longing, the waiting, the cruel self deception, half believing the lies. No more anguish for me, just the quiet certainty of my own destiny.
What would you say if I told you how things will work out? I took your automatic from the drawer where you kept it. The ammunition too. You were in too much of a hurry to pack properly and maybe a little too anxious to go.
Was he so insistent that you had to leave so suddenly? Anyway,who cares?
I have the gun and your fingerprints on it, not mine. When they find my body, it will be your bullet that killed me, so try explaining that away.
I will programme my computer to destruct this note..
I'm on my way.