What Is Treason?

Entry by: writerGAKBUVWUMQ

6th November 2014
An old world, antiquated concept now.
Do we know the ways in which we betray our country?
Are they when our taxes go to Cayman,
when we charge our pleasure to our comrades?
Is it treason when we refuse to vote?
Do we betray life when we deny the truth,
Or when we decline to use our minds?
Whether I betray my present, when I relive my childhood slowly
between waking and sleeping reading through my kindled memory a story of how my mind was then,
or I am detective and scientist, depends on the findings.

How shall I betray myself when I look at you?
Can I commit treason when we think the same thing,
when I laugh, take comfort from your presence?
Or is it an act of self-deceit?
Do my servant eyes perform murder of the master of my soul,
Or is it the other way round, and ‘tis really the unreal part of
My human presence which commits the sin?
Though we believe treason be betrayal of our state,
If thou governst my body then my body can only commit treason against thee
And just deserts mean I must surely lose my head.