We Were Young

Entry by: Paul McDermott

14th August 2015
In the spirit and style of a (slightly tipsy) pub singalong.
Key of C – pub singalongs always seem to finish up in this key
(whatever the resident guitarist is trying to play!)

We were Young

Oh, the days when we were young
Remember all the songs we sung?
When we were just a couple of kids
Mam and Dad never guessed what we did

Playing cricket all day in the park
From early morning, wandering home in the dark
Yes, we were just a couple of kids
And Mam yelled: “You're as dirty as dustbin lids!”

Sometimes me and all my pals
Would go off fishing in the old canal
With a cane, a bent pin and a piece of string
No surprise we never caught a bloody thing

Traipsing home, feeling good and covered in mud
Soaking wet (the best day yet!) and one we'll not forget
But Mam's at the door, and you know what she'll roar:
“Wait 'til your Father gets Home!”

When the nights turned cold, bringing ice and snow
We're warm with toast and cocoa in the coal fire's glow
Picking through our comic books, sprawled on the floor
The Beano and the Dandy read a hundred times before

Or sitting at the kitchen table with dear old Gran and Auntie Mabel
Monopoly and Snap or Ludo (Colonel Mustard CHEATS at Cluedo!)
Ah, when we were young, just a couple of kids on the street
These memories flow back to me .... so bitter-sweet

PS. Who remembers the 'bitter sweet' Sour Cherries??? YUM!