A Good Leader

Entry by: Daisy

24th August 2015
A Good Leader…

‘Lessons Have Certainly Been Learned’

Dear Local and Global Community,

At all times, most of us are bound to the consequences of good leadership and/or bad leadership. Being young, I’ve generally been classed as a follower, and so have had only a few decades within which to study the leadership qualities of all those who have been ‘in charge’ of me - the good, the middling, and the downright bad.

As I sit and consider the different levels of leadership that are imposed upon us throughout our lives, it seems imperative that the leadership we follow is not just decent, but the best. It is rare that followers are asked to seriously consider ‘who?’ and ‘why?’ their leaders are, or if they themselves could be a better leader - with the exception of elections. Regardless of this, we can never know when the day will come when the baton of leadership could be handed to us.

In case this should happen to me, and I’m sure it is inevitable in some capacity at some point, I would like to put forward what I have so far deduced a good leader should do, so as to enquire whether or not I’m on the right path yet. I say enquire, because it is very rare for one leader to ever demonstrate all the key points of perfect leadership. However, an awareness of what is good practice, can only lead to better ownership of the role. But first, I must ascertain what I hope to expect from myself, and other leaders of our present and future.

A good leader is someone who can motivate others to want to be their best – not someone who can demand the most from others, but a person who can inspire based on respect and genuine willingness.

A good leader is someone who is able to spark others to ask more questions and, should not shy away from the responsibility of answering those questions, even if they appear to analyse the leader’s own position or goal. This means a leader should be aware that they are not immune from accountability – and, if it is desired by general consensus, a good leader will always stand down.

Furthermore, a good leader is someone who protects their followers. It is not good leadership to use ‘position’ to throw weighty tasks and burdens at those who rely upon the leader for direction, if no support is given. If the leader finds they are beholden to a higher leader, then it is still their duty to mediate higher requests, rather than throw them aimlessly and without care at those who are required to follow, but do not have the capacity to defend themselves, or ask, ‘Why?’

A good leader is someone who seeks balance in all affairs, and listens to all sides. It is never good leadership to make decisions without enquiry. Not only does this lead to poor decisions, but it also does not lead by example. Power should be balanced with empathy, as one should only say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if the full consequence of saying so is understood. With that in mind, a good leader takes good care over the words he/she writes, as they are bound to influence others.

Exemplary leadership occurs when the leader takes time to understand the local workings of the environment they lead. For example, this could be a country, a county, a business, an office, a classroom, a corridor, or a home. If the leader is absent from the locale he/she leads, then their decisions are often seen as questionable or objectionable. The leader should always seek advice from those closest to the task that is at hand.

Finally, a good leader, is someone who understands and respects that those they lead, are also bound to lead others. One does not have to receive a big salary or have a title to be a leader. Each individual is a leader within their own community, and within their own families.

Every single one of us will lead each other into the future. Therefore, I believe that you are never too, young, to consider what it means to lead.

Yours Sincerely,

A Young Woman Waiting to Go Up