What Is Treason?

Entry by: alimc

7th November 2014
They called it "treason." Yeah, right, like they would know. They don't know. They don't know anything. How can they stand there in judgment of me when they know nothing about me or anything I stand for.
It boggles my mind how helping the whole of mankind can land someone like me in prison. And not just any prison. . . Oh no, one of the top security jails in the land! Like I'm going to try to escape or some such nonsense. I'm too old for digging through cement walls and foraging under brush for miles.
But what I'm not too old for is the truth, dammit! Someone had to hear how it really is! So I may have let some facts slip about some seemingly unimportant national security details. . . It's been years since I worked for the government. I can't believe they actually care what an old codger like me has to say. And so what if it was the Russians I gave the old secrets to, it could have been the Canadians or the Lithuanians or the Polish for all I care. . . I just needed to let people know what they were doing to all of us. . .treason my eye. They should be applauding me and using me as an example of how real world citizens live.
Oh wait, I hear the guard calling my name . . . Yes, yes officer, that's me, yes , Lillian Hammond, here and accounted for.
Just wait 'til I get out of here. . .wait to see what I do next!