What Is Treason?

Entry by: zoanne

7th November 2014
What is Treason?
Everyday sweet shocks, like
sunlight suddenly on a puddle, turning
a corner into the bright wind, hearing
birdsong and seeing
somebody else’s soft-eared spaniel.
round corners, a future
of laughter.
The loneliness that bites but doesn’t bark; the wounds will
Heal, and leave not even an echo. A future
Of hope.
A future without you, but with a me
you found and said
“Look. This is you. See the magic?”
Treason is keeping your gift, and losing you.

Treason is waking up each morning, crying, and
Staying away from you anyway.
It is remembering the beauty you showed me and how
Life, sharper and brighter under your safe hands
Glows still now you are gone.
Treason is relishing the life you handed me and
Giving none of it back,
because it hurt.