Piece Of Cake

Entry by: jaguar

23rd September 2015
Beyond the Bell Jar

When she first saw him
she felt a terrible blossoming
inside, she knew this shiny, black crow,
what would happen between them,
that she was jumping off
a crumbling cliff edge
to land mangled or maybe
safely caught,
he was listening to her words,
looking at her lips as they kissed her sounds

He walked to the front of the party
from his usual place by the door
he came to be closer to her,
if he hadn’t she’d have gone backwards.

Poet on poet, such a dangerous thing
mentored by different cultures,
peeled naked by examining
their not easy lives, lust flowing through
her unconfined rivers, his locks and weirs,
canals flooding their paths,
lands apart, intimately stretched
each looked to the other, talk spread like gas
surely this relationship would be
a piece of cake.