Country And Continent

Entry by: vinita18

10th November 2014
Across the continents, Across the blind of stars
Like a whisper in the heart
Something dead awakens
What once was, gathers another start.

For company are bones of memories
Disjointed and disbelieved
Something kicks inside me
That which I thought I'd sieved.

A long silence, geography and broken lands
Now to talk to me again
Blend continents with lips
And old, sweet tears with rain.

The way you ran your hand across your chin
How you praised with your eyes
How your guitar quoted songs
How it filled me with surprise.

Tonight, continents link hands
Across the seven seas
Like silent waiting friends
In a state of complete ease.

Though borders burn bitterly,
Never ceasing fights
Peace knows that its summit
Lies in love's sweet device.

Hatred between countries
Is ludicrous by far
When precious hearts connect
And dismiss the clouds of war.

You cannot ever know
How much to me you've taught:
To ignore the maps on earth
Worthless, from love's shortage and drought.

Our identities hold only so long
As we can feel each other's pain
Countries are made, remade
But the bonds of hearts remain.

Lay me on barbed wires
That separate your land from mine
Then watch me color both soils
With a singular red bloodline.

I surrender to my feelings
I put away unrest
Blanketed in long, black years
That put us to the test.

Gentle, tender, loving
Just like your precious smile
Weathered in my memories
But still worth my while.