Piece Of Cake

Entry by: KMaidmarion

25th September 2015
The Cherry On Top

It's never really, just 'one piece of cake,' is it? The temptation to over indulge gets harder with each mouthful. One slice soon turns into another and another and...What can I say? My resolve drizzled away several stones ago and now I'm left with a steep mountain to climb.

And its a rocky road. Just when I think I'm making progress, I stumble over another rock. Failure is painful, and nothing like falling into marshmallow at all.

Then there are the landslides to contend with. How am I to tackle those? My steadfastness is caught up in the chocolate-flow and left to keep buoyant in reservoirs of silky-smooth promises.

But I'm very good at flipping things - trying to see the positives despite my burdens weighing heavy. After all, bananas are great for keeping the blood sugar balanced, even if they are drowning in caramel and cream. And strawberries will provide me with lots of Vitamin C. One has to be tip-top fit, to succeed, don't you think?

Especially when the hecklers throw pies and gateaux. It's like being in the stocks - a riveted beneficiary. They like to see me fail; goading me with sticks of fudge-like derision instead of encouraging me with carrot...cake.

But I'll know when I'm reaching my pinnacle, when the goal is in sight. My legs will have turned to sponge and they will shout

'Hey Victoria - are we there yet?' They're such lightweights and I envy them for that.

But when I do get to the top of my mountain, and even if the snow falls like sugar, I will look down on those valleys I've mastered - where shadows hint at the landmass, that once was. I will gaze into the river-mirrors, note the memories, and I will know that it's time to light my candle. Let success glow from my very summit.

Oh yes. That really will be - the cherry on top.