Waves And Particles

Entry by: tinyfeet&bluebirds

2nd October 2015
Radio Waves, Open Ears

So much static in my ears, so many crossed meanings
Missed moments passing fast.

Too many particles spinning, through and past me
Fragments scattered. Brain waves tangled.

And amid fresh criticism from the Us-led anti-Isis coalition Russia

At 17.25 on Friday the 2nd of October.
High Shannon 1028 slow moving
Declining at 1017 by midday tomorrow

You know I’d so much like to think you’re right
And maybe this way he’ll stay out of their lives
A bit of me thinks he’s perfect for ITV

Viking, North Utsira. Westerly 3 or 4 backing.
Occasional drizzle, moderate or good, occasionally poor.

Sitting by a fire on a cold winter’s night.
Tea served in a china set.
Time spent alone reading a good book.
That’s definitely ‘hygge’. But
What exactly is it?
And is it

Forties, Cromerty, Forth, Tyne, Dogger
Variable. Fog patches in Tyne. Occasionally bad.

Modern society is inhabited
By people with the urges of cavemen.
Take kids to a party
They don’t do bits of cucumber
If there are peanuts and crisps.
Human Beings are basically
Preparing for a famine.

South Fitzroy
Easterly 4 or 5
Veering South Easterly 5 or 6 later
Rain or thundery showers,
Good becoming
Moderately poor

The entire territory of the Roman Empire.
The Anglo-Norman French word Romance
Originally meant the French language.
It meant the vernacular language
And then it becomes a kind of story
A narrative told, not in Latin, but
Tristan and Isolde, knights in armour
Courtly love, chivalric deeds -
From the name to the subject matter
Quite a slippage.

Malin variable mainly South West 3 or 4
Mainly fair, moderate or good,
Occasionally poor

Mother tongue, the
Song of the blackbird.
To speak two languages
To see things from both sides.
She educated herself entirely from reading.
Shakespeare. A fire was lit in my heart.
Abergavenny. Depression. He stood up.
He began to say in his head Wordsworth’s
Daffodils. He proclaimed it to the room.
In a very broken voice he spoke
Always loved poetry.
And the power is held, here
In the Adam’s apple.