Health And Safety

Entry by: writerGAKBUVWUMQ

8th October 2015
Before I met you
Safety was not an issue;
It didn’t much matter if I died,
Because I was alive
Getting quite a kick in a plane,
From champagne, from
Cocaine, flying far too high.
And so I cavorted merrily
Around the world.

After we met, mortality
Jumped out from around
The corner where it had been
Hiding, biding its time,
till I would be
at my most receptive and it
told me repeatedly,
of its ways to kill me.
Suddenly it mattered:
my health suffered;
my safety was compromised.
And then when we added
another to the mix
it seemed there was no return,
the only route forwards to
but defining where had become
the daily challenge.

Health and safety, going on together
Like love and marriage, with the horse
And carriage careering forever
in the past, for better or for worse.