Health And Safety

Entry by: Corone

8th October 2015
Health and Safety

You are not safe.
You can’t tell me that you are.
You can’t promise me that we’ll be fine.
However much you believe it.

I don’t even know you.
I might infer from your smile,
That you feel the same way I do.
But I don’t know how well you lie.
I don’t really know anything about you.

You should think the same of me.
Have I told you of the hearts I’ve broken?
Do you really know how many pieces there are to mine?

The assessment is never good.
Risk unknown, potentially catastrophic damage.
With greater risk to heart and mind as we continue.
No control measures can be taken.
Only you to share the danger.

But without you
I sit waiting for impossible safety.
Will I watch you pass by,
With only fear of what you might be,
Not excitement for what you could be?

So the question is simple.
Are you worth the risk?
How can I possibly know?

Let’s find out together.