Country And Continent

Entry by: Hour of Writes

12th November 2014
Once in an aeroplane
we approached the coast of America
with so many islands, green parts, sections
of blue sea, sparkling in the sun
and the trajectory of our arriving,
and the fresh silence of the land
made me understand the American Dream
for the first time.

Always I must think of us as particles
our whims and wishes part of the evolutionary code
so that all of humanity is a flask of blue liquid
settling, settling, slowly over millenia
as the trends occur and reactions happen

and all the energies dissipate and feed
into a greater, more stable whole
It's inevitable truth, where truth has no moral value.

So, when a majority start voting passionately
through idiocy, making our country reactionary
and the resistance from the minority creates
a phoney struggle, and it seems that everything
is a frustration of despair,
my heated mind soothes itself
by drinking in the pure blue liquid.