The Broccoli Debate

Entry by: Corone

16th October 2015
The Broccoli Debate

I’m not eating that.

It’s good for you.


So you have to eat things that are good for you.

I ate the parsnips; you said they were good for me.

They were, and now you have to eat the broccoli too.

But I don’t like it.

There are starving children in other parts of the world who would love to eat it.

Can you give it to them instead them?

Don’t be silly, eat your broccoli.

You can’t blame me for your failure to redistribute resources to the most needy.

Also, I slaved over a hot stove all day cooking it.

That seems a bit silly when you know I don’t like broccoli.

I cooked it so you could eat something healthy.

But I ate the parsnips; we’ve been over this already.

Do you want me to get your father in here?

Will he eat my broccoli for me?

No, you are eating the broccoli.

Then I can’t see what use bringing dad into the debate is.

This is not a debate.

It sounds like one.

Right, I’ve had enough of this. If you don’t eat your broccoli there’ll be no ice cream.



Fine, I’m eating the broccoli. But I won’t like it.