Country And Continent

Entry by: MirisB

14th November 2014
My Facebook’s full of sentiment about how mammals
miraculously understand one another,
we watch a monkey’s empathy, cry with emotion then kick the cat.
It alternates with sentiment about mammals that
make money from abusing one another and we watch half,
then stop before we cry bitterly,
It’s interspersed with efforts to save mammals
For, I guess, one of the above purposes.

But on another continent someone’s having an election,
Trying to choose a safe form of freedom, fighting for the truth
On another continent they’re saying never, never again will we
Suffer, now we will be great, everything will be alright now, this
Human has his priorities in the right place, and his morals
More or less – another new dawn.

And all of this through social media makes her feel
Sick and trapped and depressed and that the only
Decisions we can make are what to click and what
To press, and what to watch or not to watch;
all our morals and actions have come to this;
and I long to be up a high mountain in thin light air
with only a few thoughts