Date Of Birth

Entry by: Godai41

29th October 2015
DateS of Birth

Date of birth—hmmmmm, even when we know or think we know a lot about someone, betimes we don’t even know the day they entered the multiverse.

With that in mind, we can do something about it!

Below find a mini quiz to enjoy. No, you are not sitting for any exam.

No, you do not need to pay a registration fee.

No, you will not receive a grade by e mail, snail mail, or even in person (if that last possibility still exists ☺ ).

Yes, please have fun and do not dismay if you do not know the answers.

The quiz has 10 regular questions. Then there are four bonus questions dedicated to writers. (After all, this is Hour of Writes, write—I mean, right?)

See the date of the person’s birth, read the brief information—hint—about the person, and then guess his or her name.

Row # / Date of Birth / Brief info about the person/

in the blank fill in the name you guess or

1 July 20, 356 BCE Ancient king, conqueror,
ME☺litia personage ____________

2 Dec. 27, 1965 B o l l y w o o d yes!

3 Oct 2, 1869 You will walk out of here.

4 Jan. 1, 1752 I’m hiding out in the back room while
I finish my project.

5 Jan. 30, 1505 Music for your ears

6 Feb. 2, 1905 St. Petersburg’s Atlas ☺

7 Mar. 1, 40 CE Fruity release

8 May 21, 120 BCE I wish I could have saved you
from that brutal fated day.

9 October 3, 1899 Jake, I need to talk to you before
Rosie gets home.

10 September 7, 1936 Christmas Day, that’ll be the
day you might expect to see me.

Bonus Contest: Fill in the names of these four writers

11 October 7, 1966 I’m already Spokane for.

12 October 14, 1906 Tot ally me!

13 October 31, 1795 Night all. Oh, no, they forecast a gale.

14 March 6, 1806 “Down the way where the nights are gay,” family’s paradise lost


Even to this day, no one knows the birthdates of some famous and infamous people.

After all is said and said and said, yes, even written, sometimes beauty shines even from what we don’t know.

Oh, excuse me please; accept the bonus original, yes, new poem, sonnet, especially written for Hours of Writes by one of the poets, re-emerging to donate this work to HOW:

Sonnet # 45

Although my name to some extent mimics

a reigning one, my aim is not to reign

nor rain, instead to shine some sun on times

I hear beset you all so far away

from mine. So listen up and try to learn from one

who watched the world in different times but not

alone you know. We bobbed together through

the bumps, and I hung around for more or less

five and fifty years, without, you understand, a

single cell, ap, bus, plane, or all the stuff you dudes

seem to need to nourish you. And that we

did, despite the hue ;-) we pasted on, in Eng-

lish first and last, not the kind my dad would have

liked, so he never spoke to me again.