All Souls Day

Entry by: Godai41

6th November 2015
All Souls Day. . .

and some nights too

All the souls, gone but still vibrant, full of memories, still recall their visits to one spot they frequented on Saturday nights. Here’s out it felt to mingle together then once a week—not once a year—on All Souls “NightS,” sharing luscious food and more.

How in the world of souls do 80 Riverside Drive (Riverside Towers) 50 West 85th Street, 323 West 82nd Street, and 104 Riverside Drive connect with each other? They are addresses where then innocent, new-to-New York residents may have lived in the 60s and 70s (NINETEEN—not eighteen-- 60s and 70s ☺) as they tested themselves on NYC streets.

They did their laundry at the 78th Street Laundromat that Susan Sheehan made famous in The New Yorker.

They tried Cuban Chinese cuisine at La Caridad (78th and Broadway).

They had semi-formal breakfasts at the coffee shop, 79th Street Coffee Shop, west side of Broadway, between 79th and 80th.

Friday and Saturday nights, however, did not feel complete if one did not meet up intentionally or by chance with a friend-- sometimes a sole friend--or friends close to midnight at Zabar’s.

Festive, luxurious, warming, intense, and tasty describe the quality of the experience one could digest at that hour at that place.

And that’s without even mentioning the fulfilling moments of having a knish, potato, kasha, spinach, garlic potato (ouch!) and more, to take home; pickles to savor; and even some tantalizing breakfast tidbits to take away for Sunday morning.

Remember, the friendliness and kindness of the workers drew people there at that hour week after week, month after month,



In latter days Zabar servers offered forgiveness even to those who had “sinned” buying bagels on the opposite Westside corner at H & H Bagels. ☺

Recall and enjoy, Soul mates

et al.