Entering The Web

Entry by: writerWJQTFTOHDH

26th November 2014

Wet, misty, grey, cloud down and still they set off. Uphill, steep, short steps, short breaths, looking for respite. Halfway and three became four. Talk of cave spiders - shall we? shan't we? on the way there? or on the way back?

How is Nathan? What is he doing now?
Where is Nathan?
Have you seen Nathan?

Eric, can you open the door?

Chris convinced the others to stop and stare.

Deep in the shed cocoons hang

Milky white twists from the roof

What's that?

Legs twitching, fat red body, orange flecked
and moving so slowly upside down

Camera clicks

I need more light! Will this do? Eric passes the four eyed torch

Click click flash
Brilliant Eric!

On they press
through the woods
up up up the spiral tower

wet stone dripping walls no light


Long cast shadow mewling birds of prey talk of beasts and owls

Time to go
down down down and down

Where is Nathan? What is he up to now?

He's in his room...
Anne's watching the racing!

"Any one like a cup of.........?"

The phone rings. Can you help? I am looking for art classes for a terminally ill man in your area. Can you help?A group or one to one? What will be best?When?In the New Year.

What would Nathan do?