Night To Remember

Entry by: DeLaWonk

13th November 2015
Barry Glimmer- Welcome back one and all to 'Night To Remeber'. I'm your host Barry Glimmer and we have been here this evening with Steve and Karen from Glossop.
Now, for those of you who have just tuned in let's give you a quick update to where we are at. Steve and Karen have been on a rollercoaster this evening flashing back through their past as a married couple in the hopes to win the One Million pound jackpot. The jackpot, I'll remind you, has yet to be won on the show!
They have traded in all thier gold stars worth 1000pounds and their double back points meaning they could have at least gone home with the 10thousdand. I'm going to be honest folks, even I'm sweating, they are one question away from winning the jackpot, on this, our 50th show since we started and right before Christmas. Or going home with nothing. Steve, Karen, if you win, have you got any ideas of what you would do wth the money?

Steve- Well, all our kids are grown up and spread out these days, one in Tokyo, one in France, one in Leeds, so, it's rare we get to be in the same place. We'd really like to rent a villa, near where the daughter is in France, she's got her two littluns see, and have a big family holiday for everyone.

Barry Glimmer- That sounds divine Steve. And what anout you Karen?

Karen - Well, Steve's mum is getting on a bit now (to camera)'Sorry Cheryl, love you, but it's true'. What we would really like to do but could never afford, is build an extension on the house, so she could still have her own place like, you know, be independant, but be a bit nearer to us.

BG- Now that sounds like money spent with love. But don't go spending it just yet! We still have that last question to go! Would you like to remind the audience how long you've been married?

Steve&Karen- 32years.

BG- Yowzer. 32years and it all comes down to this one last question. Let's not make these guys sweat anymore and I know you at home must be too. Let's play, for one million pounds.......
Night To Remeber!

BG- OK so, the final Category we have left to play is Parties!!! You can choose from, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Funeral or Christening.

S-(to K) Well Christmas is a no go, you're always too flustered by that point to remeber anything.

K-(to S) thanks for that love.

S- And if we are honest I'd go with the same for birthdays.

K-Well weddings are definitely no good where your concerned, the ammount you like to put away at a knees up.

S-Well if that's the case then that rules funerals out for both of us, you know they are always the biggest parties of them all.

K-It's got to be Christenings then by default.

S-Yup, I'll go with that.

K&S- Christenings please Barry. (laugh at unison)

BG- OK folks, for One Million Pounds, for the family to be reunited, (Direct to camera) Hope you are watching Cheryl, this could have your name on it! Lets reveal the final question in tonights 50th Night To Remeber with Steve and Karen from Glossop.

(pause, dramatic music, lights, camera rolls around audience)

BG- Ok, Karen, Steve, Steve, Karen, let's do it. You have gone for Christenings!
In August 1994 you celebrated your godson Mathews Christening at the house of Karens sister and brother in law, David and Lu in Manchester.

K - Oh God not that one!

BG-(chuckles) There was something wrong with the cake. To win the million pounds, all you have to do, is tell us, what was wrong with that cake? Can we have 30 seconds on the clock please. Your time starts NOW!

S- That one was carnage!

K - Why did I pick Christenings?

BG - Time is ticking!

S - Ok the cake the cake the cake the cake

K - Stop saying 'THE CAKE!'

S - Sorry, right, let's think, was it the one with the rabbits all over it?

K - No, that was our Jennys you dafty.

S - Oh, right you are

K - Let's think, it's thier old house in Manchester.

S - That's right, they've moved now

K - And we'd all stopped off at the pub first before we got back to the house for the buffet.

S - That's right! We were all leggless when we got back.

BG - 10 seconds gone guys.

K - Ooooh the cake the cake the cake...

S - You going and saying 'the cake' isn't gong to help.

K- Sorry, your right.

S- So the buffet was all in the kitchen

K- And the cake on the little stand where that awful lamp nomally was (to camera) 'Sorry Lu'

S- That's right! But what was wrong with it?

K- Ermmmmmm??

BG - 10 seconds left to go guys.

S- Ooooh oooh! I remeber!

K - What?

S -I grabbed a fistfull of it and brought it upstairs to where you were nappng, past out in the spare room.

K- The spare room?

S- YES! Remeber, you went for a lie down, and I came up with the cake and we got a little bit, well, a lot a bit actually, you know, steamy.

K- Steamy?????

S- YES!!!! Don't you remeber love, it was pretty wild.

K- I didn't go for a lie down in the spare room in the end.

S- Yes you did love. You were pretty tanked.

K - No, I went to David and Lu's room.

S- No no, you were in the spare room.

K- I wasn't, I know I wasn't, becuase Aunty Gladys was passed out in there.

S- Aunty Gladys?

K- What did you mean when you said 'we got steamy'?

BG- Oh guys 5 seconds to go! Erm, well so, the cake, what was wrong with the cake?

S- (bursts out) The fondant baby on the top looked like it had a beard!

BG- AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the first to win the 1million pounds on Night To Remeber!!! Karen, Steve! How do you feel?

K- (To S) What do you mean by 'We got steamy?????'