Entering The Web

Entry by: vinita18

26th November 2014
Tarantulas Of Solitude

Even terabytes have invites
fluttering in their thickly lashed binaries.
Pre dawn hours succumb to them like a fly to a spider's web.
Then lie exhausted on temptation's doormat...stricken by the struggles of escaping.

Even flesh has its limitations.
Though it has limitless hunger,
it cannot feel beyond a point the lure of treacherous strangers
cleverly cocooned inside cables of titanium satellites.

Even the heart tires
of skewed time-zone hellos and goodbyes.
Tires of exchanging suns and moons for trinkets.
The earth dizzies on its axis, geography collapses - how, I'll never fathom.

Even days have skins
that cannot be peeled enough to expose its bones.
Bones that rise like a suffocating fog in the dead of the night
and sheen the skin with sweat. Make one reach for the invites of terabytes again.

So it goes on. A web of hours and minutes spun from spinnerets of social media.
Fluid, like a river of desires. Faceless and nameless.
Glistening like a diamond tarantula in the lonely cobweb of solitude.
Each silken strand fluttering with every solitary breath.