Entering The Web

Entry by: Hour of Writes

28th November 2014
Motorway...no place, no age
Driving through the night again.
It’s hard looking into the dark for so long,
I get tired

But we always see eye to eye
when we look at each other

A ghost is the presence of
someone who is not there...
The feeling of their mind, will, thoughts, feelings...
or the part of them that is not there...

'I can’t believe it! You are like from a fairy-tale!' (the overjoyed policeman when I reported my stolen wallet
in Prague.)

But now I'm seasick in my life
(can’t look forwards, can’t look back)

Just a thin ghost by the end...
I sang a song for you once.

Driving through the dark web again
I sing it again but too quiet
for you
always too
quiet now...