Entering The Web

Entry by: alimc

28th November 2014
Scene: quiet landscape where a nature documentary is being filmed.
Narrator: (in soft, whispery golf tournament like voice) And here we see the rare, North American beetle spider. We have been searching for months to find just such a creature to film. Watch as she enters her web, on graceful, spindly legs that navigate around her intricate home. Ah, wait, she sees something move. Yes, victory! Her beautiful but deadly spins of silk have caught some prey. Her unsuspecting guest writhes and struggles to free itself of the lovely strands that she has woven. Let's watch to see how she manoeuvres over to. . . SPLAT
(large sneaker is seen in the camera shot - camera jerks up and around)
Narrator: (angrily) What the . . . hey, kid, what do ya think you're doin'? We're trying to film here - you just stepped on our scene!
Teenager, eating a sandwich: Sorry, my dad told me to come over here to help out.
Narrator:(getting angrier) Well who the hell is your dad and why did he tell you to come over here and ruin our shot!
Cameraman whispers in Narrator's ear:He's the Boss' son!
Narrator: (looking deflated) Oh, right, okay, well, kid see if you can find another spider somewhere that's spun a web. We need this shot for tomorrow.