After The Flood

Entry by: macdonald

7th December 2015
After the Flood

My defences were breached and in an instant
I was swept away.
Mooring ropes trailing in your stream
Out of control, surging with your tide,
My roads and fields and dwellings,
A landscape of familiar contours submerged, unrecognisable.
All resistance pointless, my strength sapped
By your mysterious energy, powered by the moon
Dragging and pushing and blowing me
Into uncharted waters.
My heart heaving in my mouth
Dazed by your indifference to your terrible power
I abandoned myself to the ecstasy of movement
Borne along effortlessly by the floodwater that was you
My limbs cooled and saturated by your caress.

We drifted passed an ancient tree
Its branches filled with angels
Who guided us to a secret place, previously forbidden
And there we came to rest
And recognise a truth shown only to us
Shared only by us.
But all tides have only one highest point
And all beauty is transient.
I should have known you would recede
Abandoning me, a ravaged Jetsam.
Here now in a Tesco car park
Like a stranded Whale after a Great Flood
My heart a block of stone
Suffocating in an alien land
Fading memories of a song sung
In a vast ocean, timeless for an instant,
Now no more than an illusion.
Other shoppers keep their distance,
Within their white-washed lines, filling their boots
With Christmas bargains
Casting puzzled glances at my tears.
How could they know that
Last night you came back.

I heard you fussing around as you always did
And then undressing in the darkness
Putting on your red satin pyjamas
You came to bed and curled against my back.
The electric touch of your instep on my calf
Your soft body settling into the warm mattress.
I held my breath, my heart pounding,
Willing myself to stillness.
But when your sweet breath fell on my neck
And I smelled the perfume of your skin, and
Felt the touch of your arm draping lightly on my chest
I spun around and shattered the spell
And faced again the torment of that empty space
And the fragmented remnants of a dream.
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