After The Flood

Entry by: Brooklet

8th December 2015
"Hello there! My name's Mike. Mike Flood" he said as he held out his hand for me to shake.

"The Flood..." He continued..."well, that's what most people know me as round these parts" he shook my hand enthusiastically and grinned.

"Yep, if you need me at all, just ask for "The Flood" and folk round here will know who you're after." He spoke with a soft Yorkshire accent and seemed nice enough - if not a little too proud of his nickname.

He carried on..." My wife, Helen, and me, well, we have lived here for near twenty years next year" he gestured to his wife over his shoulder who was tending to some pot plants. I waved and smiled as she looked up.

Barely pausing for breath, "mostly keeps me busy, mind you, I can turn my hands to most things you know. Come to think of it, here isn't much I haven't had a go at! Just last week..." I smiled again, my interest fading.

I had just moved to the town. The Coastguard have recently appointed me as the new coxswain of the new Ocean Rescure Centre in the town. Previously the fire service had run a small sea Rescure service. the community here is so small it hadn't warranted a full time post. However, like most places, there had been a sharp rise in emergency call outs along this stretch of coast. A substantial rise. Not that I mind. It's a great little spot. Perfect for me, mountains, rocky coast line great surf and sail conditions. Perfect. Today is my first day at the office, as it were. The locals seem keen to introduce themselves.

My predecessors have stopped by. The fire guys. I imagine they will still be very 'hands on', not a bad thing. Even with my training over the last four years you still can't beat local knowledge. Having said that, they seem run off their feet. Four call outs in the same day by all accounts! The town seems too small for that!

"Of course, you'll have met Elvis. A good man that. A good man. Well, him and me have been playing together a good while now. I swear, that man was born holding his guitar..." I gave a smile and small laugh, not as hearty as Mike's, mind.

"Me?! I play drums" he answered...although I'm not sure I had asked.

Just at that moment two voices punctured the quietude. Mike's front door flew open and two kids fell through - half laughing half screaming in pain. I really couldn't tell if this was a game or a full blown fight. Neither parent seemed to mind though.

"Oh, this one's mine. Mandy, love, say hello..."

In amongst the string of words aimed at the flame haired boy I'm sure I heard "hellonicetimeetyou" and as quick as the silence had broken, it returned as the two raced up the lane to the local shop, Mandy leading, closely followed by the red haired lad. His face struck me as familiar. Odd as I was sure I didn't know anyone round these parts.

"Just finished it yesterday. Fitted a few kitchens now. Can you believe that luck, eh?! One fire is tough...but four! None so bad as that first one mind you..."

No wonder the fire guys were so busy!

"Twenty minutes I'd been hanging from that aerial, I could barely last another second. Saved my bacon that day, I'll tell you that for free!" He laughed again.

The fireman! Sam. We had met this morning. That's who the red head reminded me of! Smaller and less serious, but add a pair of specs and its that Sam, twenty years younger. Although I'm sure he didn't mention any kids.

"You should come along, fireworks, BBQ. You never know Elvis and Ol 'Rhythm Sticks' Flood might even take to the stage?!...My attention was back to the conversation. He wasn't talking at me anymore, but looking at me expectantly. Did I just get invited to something? "Sounds smashing" I enthused. I hope I enthused. I checked my watch and realised that my lunch break was up, my lunch however was untouched.

" I won't keep you, must be busy settling in, besides we will get to know each other soon enough" he laughed too hard again. I made off up the lane at a fast pace. Fast because I was late and fast because I didn't want him to call me back.

The new Ocean Rescue Centre was a great building. State of the art. New technology for both coast and sea rescues. I smiled. I work here. I can still barely believe my luck! I opened the door, hung up my body warmer and set about the daily checks and familiarising myself we all the tech. I stopped.


Where did that come from? I checked the Operations Room. Everything here seemed in order.

Beep. Beep.

It sounded further away from up her. Back by the door I waited.


I jumped on board Neptune, the D- Class rib. All the electrics were off.

Beep. Beep.

Fuse box, answer phone, radio base, satellite port, radar console, fire alarms. I checked them all. Twice.


Didn't that Mike chap say he "dabbled in electrics"? I checked my mobile, I didn't have his number but I had Sam's.

"Hello, Sam. I'm after The Flood."