Saving The World

Entry by: macdonald

16th December 2015
My Alphabet of Saving

'Save the Arctic,' pleaded Greenpeace, ten pounds is the price,
So because of me, the North Pole, it still has some ice.
And as long as they stop increasing their fee,
I'll probably go on saving the BBC.
Saving Children, I will always elevate
Way, way above just saving the Date.
What's this I've just heard about saving the world?

Saving the Environment is buried deep in my psyche
And for saving the Family, my campaign medal is likely
That coral, slowly bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef
I will save every scrap, is my true belief.
I would, if I could, do this work much faster,
But Heroes, the Internet, I've saved them all from disaster.
So, why do I need to save the world?

I helped save the Jaguar at Chester Zoo
And that cuddly Koala, not a bear,
More like a kangaroo.
The Last Dance, precious Memories
I saved them all for you, and still didn't forget
The NHS and that Orang-Utan too.
When should I start to save the world?

I got drunk saving the Pub, left the planet to you.
God saves the Queen, will she need me too?
Because of my efforts, the Rainforest will never be a has-been
And I've saved our Seas and the Trees
Deciduous and evergreen.
Not forgetting the Union, as 'Better Together' we've always been.
But how I do save the world?

Saving Vinyl, we hold the record, me and you,
But I saved the Whale; Humpback, Sperm and Blue.
To finish, an original Xbox saved in my loft,
Remember those games from Microsoft?
A clip on YouTube, I managed to upload,
That old Zebra crossing, I saved for our road.
But where do I start to save the world?

This A to Z of saving might never have been
If I'd just known to read Saint Augustine. He said
The world's a miracle, greater than all the things in it
And I realise now, I've got a new remit.
His world, my world, your world, he wrote the truth
And I've no need of further proof.
My work isn't over, I don't intend to quit
But who is going to help me save it?
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