Pass The Parcel

Entry by: percypop

23rd December 2015

Jimmy gave a party. There were lots of kids there and I went too.

His Mum is nice, she makes cupcakes and sticky choc - ricekrispy things what my mum won't make. She says they make me shout and run about too much.

After sitting down for a long long time, I had an idea and ran behind the curtains to play hide and seek. Jimmy came too and that red - haired girl who pushes in all the time. We couldn't breathe properly, so I pushed her out and the curtain fell down. Then a lot of shouting happened.

I sat beside William who never eats much, so I can have his left -overs.The sausage rolls were ok but the cupcakes were covered in pink icing. UGH! So I pulled some off and stuck it on Jamie's chair. He got up and it looked like he'd done a pink poo! We all laughed but Jamie's Mum looked sad.

Then we played Pass the Parcel. Jimmy is no good at this game. Every time it came round to him, he wouldn't let go so we had to grab it off him and the chairs fell down and his mum shouted. I've never seen her shout before. Anyway, that red - haired girl, who's called Maisie -she's six--tore off the paper and passed it to her best friend Jane. That's against the rules 'cos you have to pass on to the next one while the music plays. That girl is so spoilt. She grinned and held the parcel for a huge long time until the music stopped. I grabbed it and tore off the paper before she had a chance. Her mum was there and pushed me down on my chair and hurt my ear which wasn't fair.
So I threw the rotten parcel across the room and Jimmy and a few other boys ran after it. The Christmas tree was over there,when it fell down on Maisie, she began to scream even though it was only a scratch.

Then Jimmy's Dad arrived with a big hello and a bag of sweets.
Jimmy's Mum said "Where the hell have you been? Just like you to dodge the bullet."
It didn't make sense 'cos there were no guns or bullets in the room. It would have been more fun if there had.
Anyway the game was stopped and he didn't give us any sweets.
We just sat and watched CBBies for hours and hours till Mum came and got me.
They didn't even give us a going away present.
Rotten party.