Pass The Parcel

Entry by: Godai41

24th December 2015
Pass the Parcel

The Unparsimonious Parcel Finds Its/His Way

To think, the lexicologists--don’t change

two letters of that pentasyllabic word

or you’ll be scared and sorry too!-- bunch all

“parse-“ words into a single bag, so we

even with an unchangeable Dillard’s (footnote 1)

mom’s address, can never reach our special

destiny or even desti-nation.

Deploring all the parcel wannabes,

distinguishing myself from flaky leaves of

parsley or, even worse, would be

unparsimonious par-cells flowing love

here and there, regenerating far and nigh,

I decree myself the original. Come back

half a fortnight from now to find out why.


1. In her book An American Childhood Annie

Dillard explains how her mother convinced the post

office to allow her to keep her former mailing address

although the family had moved.