Time Is Magic

Entry by: jaguar

6th January 2016

Here it is again
both predictable and strange
as Spring, new life,
the geese returning.

I look at you, a stranger,
but what I see I already know,
have always perceived, as if
my quest was for you, not me.

So you’re human, not god-like
but I let myself fall
for my own deception,
tangle the truth for love.

I will go in with opened eyes
yet be prepared to give you
the richest gift I have, the magic
of minted minutes, of diamond days.

I’ll ignore the fence within you
where you corral your wild ponies,
the wars you’d fight if asked,
the women you’re yet to love.

You’ll pay for the promise I make myself,
a beach where I run without you,
a mountain-top where another man
waits, higher up my imagination.

Where I’ll go when winter chills us
to strangers wearing familiar clothes,
people who half-inhabit their magic time,
glimpsing their essence through others.