Kill Your Darlings

Entry by: vinita18

15th January 2016
Kill your darlings
the way Hitler's soldiers did
when ordered to strangle their Alsatian pups
three months old, hand-fed, raised with love
to prove their loyalty to the Fuhrër.

Kill your darlings
Forests, Savannah, Deltas,
The oaks, the acacias, banyans, groves and all
Concrete devouring earth and CO2 stifling oxygen
Bricks and mortar trampling all the verdant green.

Kill your darlings
Teaching chimpanzees to smoke
Whipping baby elephants into submission
Hunting tigers for bones and rhinos for horns
Living like you're the lord of all you survey.

But you're not, you know...Man.
You're the beast among animals
Destroying the things you should love, Ruining yourself.
Creating a land of desolation and pain
Ah! The horrors of your might. Ah! Your greed for gain.