Seven Basic Plots

Entry by: Alobear

26th January 2016
Seven Basic Plots

Overcoming the monster
Tells of conquering fear
Facing up to that which threatens us
Or those we love

Rags to riches
Tells the story of success
Be careful what you wish for though
It may not last

The quest
Tells of seeking out your fate
Accomplishing a difficult task
For fame and glory

Voyage and return
Tells of exotic journeys
Travelling far and seeing much
Before finding home

Tells a tale of humour
Making audiences laugh
And having fun

Tells of doomed love
Or terrible loss and awful doom
Tears overflowing

Tells a redemption tale
Transformation of character or circumstances
A phoenix rising

Seven plots
To encompass all the tales we tell
Infinite variations
Each placed in a box