Name Of Love

Entry by: Caroline Bletso

10th February 2016
For Rachel,
Guard this object carefully

Mr. Blonde with a bullet, Vic at home,
Sidewinder brother of Bill with a blade,
My pen name’s Joe Gage, I’m Nothing alone,
Budd with a shotgun of salt and a spade,
MICHAEL MADSEN when the credits roll, but
The one name I need is Vincent van Gogh,
Because you know me as Vincent van Gogh.
Put a hole in Mr. Blonde’s heart if you must,
Shoot the secret butterflies in Gage’s
Stomach – Did I perform badly? On set
I kept forgetting my lines and no one
Knew why (I was thinking of you!) Kill Budd,
But let Vincent live in the name of love,
And I’ll give you the ear from Reservoir Dogs.