Name Of Love

Entry by: Alobear

11th February 2016
The name’s Love, Bartholomew Love.

You might say I’m quite the man about town. Known in all the best venues. Friends in high places. You know how it is.

I can always trade on my popularity to get a free meal, or some kind attentions. All the best people want to spend time with me. They turn to look as soon as I enter a room, and I always have a cluster of beauties crowding round me within minutes.

It’s a gift, really. I can’t say I put a huge amount of effort into my appearance, though fastidious daily grooming is a must. Cleanliness can take you a long way, and the right attitude gets you to your destination. It’s all about maintaining a certain level of mystery. I never reveal where I’ve just come from, or where I’m going next. It creates a certain allure that’s difficult for people to resist.

Not handing out too much attention to one person is another handy tip. If you’re always the one to break off contact, nobody can ever claim you’re a bore. Always leave them wanting more. I can safely say I have never outstayed my welcome anywhere, and that’s why I can always go back.

The secret is to have as many places as possible in which to divide your time. I have a regular circuit, but I make sure to mix it up a bit with a completely new spot every now and then. The worst thing in the world is to be predictable. Keep people guessing and you’re sure to be a hit. It’s far better to disappoint by not appearing at all, than to be old hat by turning up just as expected.

People like to feel special, though, so it’s important not to appear too aloof. I’m generous with my time, and never beneath accepting the attentions of my hangers-on. Loyalty is a difficult thing to inspire, so I make sure my staunchest allies always know how much I appreciate them.

Magnanimous yet mysterious. Ebullient yet elusive. Sociable yet sophisticated.

That’s me - Bartholomew Love. Most popular cat in town.