Name Of Love

Entry by: Paul McDermott

12th February 2016
There is only ONE way to tell a Love Story.
It MUST be in the form of a Sonnet

Name of Love
A sonnet

Dearest, darling, sweetheart, angel, goddess divine
Terms tumbling together, trumpeting the Truth: You are Mine!
Life-long love, mon chou à la belle langue française
Oder liebling (as the less demonstrative German says)
From the lips of the hot-blooded, romantic Italian lover in the house
May often be heard the simple word Topolina – my little mouse
In Spain, a plain ‘mi corazon’ will set a señorita’s heart beating
Or ‘mi tresoro’ – another sincere, affectionate greeting
"Minä rakastan sinua." Far, far in the frozen North the Viking Finn
With these words will woo his woman, his world, his “elskerinde”
In Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Love’s sweet Name
May differ in spelling, but the words sound much the same
A chailìn mo chroì – my darling girl – with an Irish lilt is told
And it's true. I swear to you: the Name of Love is the rainbow’s pot of gold