Youth Of Today

Entry by: Paul McDermott

18th February 2016
Alison, when you announced that this week's Guest Judge was a Singer/Songwriter I only had one choice, my entry had to be the lyrics of a song.
And yes, I've also penned the music to go with the words ...!

Youth of Today

Here we are: sitting on the same park bench together, not sure what to say
You with a lifetime’s knowledge inside your head: don’t let it fade away
I’m overpumped with energy, need someone to guide me on the way
Your years of experience can help me through the day

I want to hug you like a brother: it feels as if we’ve known each other for years
My race will soon be run and yours is scarce begun, but have no fear
Let me help you to see what you can learn from me: all that I hold dear
Everything Life’s taught me I offer you freely: your way ahead is clear

Young and old, shy and bold, we can work together
It’ll be okay, night or day, through all kinds of weather
And I do believe … there’s nothing we can’t achieve
With the Power of Youth Today
And the Wisdom of Yesterday