Youth Of Today

Entry by: Huntersmum

19th February 2016
I see them
Loping along in packs
Long legs eating up the asphalt.

I see flocks of them
Swooping across the road on two wheels
Heedless of oncoming traffic.

I scowl and want to shout Take more care!
Life is more precious than they realise.

I see them
Huddling on a freezing corner
Dragging on a cigarette
Hurling insults and obscenities at each other.

I see them
Prowling their territory
Preening and edging around the other sex.

I warm to these signs of frailty
The first fumbling steps in the courtship dance.

I see them
Moving aside for our buggy
Glancing at my son
as he gabbles an incomprehensible greeting.

Do they see his otherness
A simple mistake in tangles of DNA that has diverted his future
Waste products building up in this body I love so much
Grinding his brain to a halt?

I wish I could see further
See him strutting with the other lads
Being teased by a girl.

I wish I could see a woman like me
watching him with disapproval and tutting
Muttering under her breath, ‘Youth of today…!’
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