In Or Out

Entry by: tinyfeet&bluebirds

26th February 2016
The European Dream

Why give up on it now?

30 years ago,
a chunk of Europe
behind a wall.
80 years ago,
Europeans against
Fellow Europeans -
remember those countries
“where the soil ran red with blood”
in the 20th century.

Hear the sound of scales
falling from people’s eyes,
the argument still stands.
We cheered as freedom
swept across Europe.
The people, standing together.

Now we’re upset because
they’re fixing our boilers
at prices we can’t refuse.
We wanted those people
to be free. But not so free
they could tip up on our doorstep.

We never made the case for Europe.
The power to up sticks, bugger off,
If we fancy an adventure.
We shouldn't throw it away.

Bleak isolationism chills me to the bone

There are no
Second chances
This is about in or out
One or the other.

Why give up on it now?

This is a piece of Found Poetry. These are its sources: