Writers Without Borders

Entry by: vinita18

2nd March 2016
Writers Without Borders

Rain waters listen to secret flowers beneath the soil
The night settles to darken the bottoms of trees
My ink flows, mingles without geography.

Every tear fills the jar of the waiting moon
And despite the hell-towers all around
Writers resurrect the doors of broken thoughts.

Every star branch trickles with blood's bitterness
War reigns across borders, land fights land
Religion versus religion. Everywhere, a divided stand.

Yet, my fellow pen, fellow nib, fellow hand
Though the needle of pain pierces your darkened veins
Write! So that man may understand man.

Write sans borders, fences, frontiers
Make thick the river of sentiments
Call swiftly for peace, for love.

History doesn't change that fast
Time doesn't bend easily, they say
Change doesn't happen overnight.

Still, the votives of clattering flowers
Fall gentler on the chest of pebbles
The sun comes out again...because of your words.

Tremors of joy run through your fingers
As darkness builds a dawn
Write on!

For countries war torn, war torn, war torn
Let darkness build a dawn
Wherever you are...Write on.

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