Writers Without Borders

Entry by: Corone

4th March 2016
Writers without Borders

Hiya. Hows it going?

Not bad getting ready 2 go out.

Cool. Going where?

Local club. Gonna B mental.



Not much. Sarah coming over l8r. Gonna do snacks and chill.

Shit! Soz. Forgot it must be early there.

No probs. Just past 9. Wood rather be clubbing than setting off for uni!

Did I meet Sarah?

Yeah. Shes the 1 with pink hair.

I remember. She was cool, but totally mental.

She was really drunk that nite. Not usually so crazy.

Hugs from me. Miss all of you. That was an awesome summer.

You coming back this year?

Not sure. Got exams. But want to. Your turn 2 visit me!

I wish. No chance my rents will afford the flight.

Bummer. Will see what I can do. Want to visit again. Was amazeballs!

Post pics from the club. Not seen what they are like over there.

Same as yours! But not as mental without Sarah.

Tag them on Fbook. Text me later.

Will do. Gotta run. Xxx

Xxx :)