I Believe In

Entry by: tinyfeet&bluebirds

31st March 2016
We are left behind
to sit on steel chairs
that freeze their imprint
deep into the bone through
the roughness of our jeans.

Lost in this sterile desert
where even the walls
stink of perfumed antiseptic
I am holding my breath
as my needles click together.

Somewhere else, you
fade into sleep, drift
away from pain. And I
hold my breath and pray
silent prayers to a God
I am not sure I believe in.

I believe in stardust and starlight
the light's dappled shadows playful.
I believe in snowdrops in springtime
and a lone robin's song in winter.
I believe in laughter and raindrops
and rainbows illuminating grey roads.
I believe in the magic of oceans
waves lapping in ripples on the shore.
I believe in the beauty of form
the shaping of grace into utility.
And I believe your perfectly formed
tiny baby feet were
the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.
I believe in my love for my daughter.
My beautiful one. I believe she'll wake up.