Means Of Production

Entry by: Olivia

8th April 2016
Means of production
How do you produce anything? Life is full of opportunity yet all too often we manage to produce nothing at all. I have produced 4 children - does that count? I didn't produce them all on my own you understand. I had a man,in fact I had husband number one. He was clever,very clever, if you measure cleverness in terms of academic production. He got a degree,a posh degree from Cambridge. Actually he was a bit dim, he couldn't keep up with me and I ran off.I ran off once I realised that I could produce something a bit more meaningful on my own. I got my own degree, my own brains and my own opinions - they served me well.
But did I have the means to produce anything else? My ovaries shrivelled and eventually got removed ' we wouldn't like them to produce any nasty cells would we?' he said as he chopped them out. With that he took my uterus,my only means of production. I lay barren and sterile.
I produced more husbands, the second less successful than the first. He was emotionally devoid and produced only the smallest ripple on my shrivelled lake. The third has a whole production of his own going on. He has the means of producing cancer cells. He is firing them off quicker than the drugs can mop them up. He is a one man production, unregulated and prodigious. He has the means to multiply cells quicker than most. We watch the cells grow. From a tiny beginning they have grown,unregulated and unchecked. Numerous times they have been 'chopped out' , they have been removed, but never stopped. Production never stops. Cell by cell they multiply, happily taking over organs one by one. We wait, the day when the means of production will be halted,halted by the death of the host. Will I be able to remember then how to regain my own sense of purpose,my drive,my potential? My own productivity?