Many Happy Returns

Entry by: Olivia

15th April 2016
Many Happy Returns
He knew that the day would come but somehow he had thought he would get away with it for a lot longer. It wasn't as if he was doing any real harm was it?
She had been fine when they first got married,she seemed to care about him,they said that they loved each other and they rubbed along just fine. They both worked hard and they had a few friends. Nothing was very demanding in their lives and nothing bothered them too much. They had enough money although Claire was a bit inclined to want too much stuff but Dave had enough for his drinks and his car. They really couldn't grumble. He couldn't put his finger on the spot when it all started to go wrong - but he knew from his mates that that was often the case. Just as the beginning was a bit textbook, so was the ending. They just kind of drifted into divorce the same way they had drifted into marriage. No hard feelings, no real feelings at all, come to think of it. It was once it was over that he really noticed her.
He had taken up with Mary not long after the split. She was a bit different really, a bit more adventurous, even colourful. She demanded things of him; some stuff he wasn't too sure of but never one to turn down a bit of nookie he did his best to oblige. She could make a hell of a noise, he wished she wouldn't, it put him off and heaven only knows what her neighbours thought. She wasn't one for just 'rubbing along' and would insist on 'making plans' . Dave wasn't really one for plans, too much effort he always thought, more keen on just 'seeing how it goes' really. He took to the pub more often and left her getting on with the house stuff. He reckoned that if she wanted to play wife he should let her. He really didn't bother if the bins were out or the sheets were clean. He knew that this had annoyed Claire but Mary just tutted a bit and got on with it.
Money was tighter as he still had his own place and Mary seemed to think he should contribute for the time he spent at her house. He didn't argue,it was too much effort to make a fuss and just handed over what she called 'housekeeping'; bloody cheek.
Her little quirks began to annoy him and he wanted less of her but Mary was a powerful woman and she kept calling him back. He had a little routine and stayed at his own place 4 nights a week and just gave her 3 nights. She wanted more but he had less to give.
In the odd moments when he thought about anything other than work, beer and his cock he wasn't entirely sure he was happy. He thought he detected a theme with women and him but couldn't quite put his finger on it. Mary seemed fairly happy, in the same way that Claire had but he wasn't really bothered, he did what he could but he had no real idea what they wanted. Him and Mary had sex every now and again but he had begun to wonder if any women really knew what to do in the sack. They always seemed to be after something that just wasn't there for them.
He had carried on seeing Claire and sometimes they had a bonk 'for old time's sake' , back at his place. Mary didn't know about Claire and Claire didn't know about Mary; he meant to keep it that way too. He thought one day the shit might hit the fan but he never expected this.
It all went tits up in April. 'A party' said Mary, 'that's what we'll have.' And that's what happened.Dave sort of drifted into the plans but was soon bored with the lists and the stress, even if it was his big birthday he wasn't bothered. Mary sat down and asked him who should come,but he said he would leave it to her. It was easier that way.
He was made to wear his best trousers and a shirt and to look happy as people arrived. While he slipped off for a beer and when he got back into the main room it seemed even busier. 'A toast' shouted Mary 'and I 've got a little surprise for you Dave'.'To Dave, happy birthday' and everyone raised their glasses 'to Dave'. 'And', said Mary'to our little bump'. For a moment he had no idea what she meant but as the truth dawned on him he felt cold and then mighty hot. 'Congratulations' they shouted and other such nonsense. It was then that he saw Claire with a tumbler raised,the ones Mary used for soft drinks, it was then she turned and he saw the curve of her belly 'Many Happy Returns!' she shouted. She thought of it more as getting her own back. That way they both got what they wanted.