Playing The Fool

Entry by: tinyfeet&bluebirds

29th April 2016
I've played the fool
to your king for too long now.

I brought out the rhymes,
sang the songs, played

counter-point to your deepest follies
and propped up your illusions

to soften the blow. I've even
spoken words of truth for you.

But the words are grown so false
I own I cannot own them.

Outside the frame, looking in
while the tempest reigns

I find the well's run dry. These
twelve nights I've sought the truth

and all I've found is this, although
the darkness needs the light

and heaviness its levity, it would seem
this king and clown don't mix.

We never played by the same rules.
While I was looking at the stars,

your eyes were on your feet, each
step counted. I tripped on towards

the end, you stopped and started.
As life made fools of us both,

you sought to master it. And I,
your fool, embraced it.