Survive The Jungle

Entry by: jaguar

11th May 2016

Let me walk beside you
deep inside the jungle
that has no doors or windows
that can only be entered
through your mind.

Let’s look a while
at what you hold within,
watch the butterflies of luck take flight
don’t look too hard at
what hides amongst the trees,
frittered wish-granting fairies.

What it means to be born
in the twentieth century
in a place where water
runs down from the skies
to be gathered in giant
man-built puddles.

You talk about your rights
without realising how recently
five percent stood aloft
on the remainders’ neck
stopping them from crying out.

Now there is almost nothing
you cannot know,
no one you can’t reach,
you could do anything,
you'll survive the jungle
but it might not survive you.