Survive The Jungle

Entry by: Alobear

12th May 2016
Survive the Jungle

The intrepid explorer tramps through the jungle, forging a path where no human has ever trod before. His years of experience in hostile environments serve him well in this new and exciting challenge. Blasted ice fields and scorched desert dunes have held no fear for him in the past, and likewise the heady humidity of the tropical air and the thick foliage blocking his way are mere annoyances. He enjoys his own company, and is used to long periods of solitude, not laying eyes on a single other creature for days on end.

He carries his rucksack on his back, piled high with all the essentials for camping in the wild. The explorer takes pride in the fact that he only carries what he absolutely needs. Those who weigh themselves down with luxuries will only regret it at the end of a long day’s hike. Then again, there’s nothing worse than being far from home and discovering you’ve forgotten to pack something vital. So, it’s a fine line to tread and the explorer traverses it with ease.

He brandishes his shiny machete, laying waste to the vines and tree branches that cover his route through the jungle. His arms and upper body are strong, and he cuts through the obstacles almost as if they were not there. The weapon is an extension of his hand and the movements come naturally to him, swinging to left and right to clear his path.

Later in the day, he will find a clearing near a stream and set up his camp. The explorer’s tent is easy to erect, and surprisingly spacious; no cramped and uncomfortable accommodations for him. He will prepare a fire and cook his dinner over his tiny stove, and then he will settle in to record a video of his day’s experiences. This will be uploaded to his website, via his satellite connection, allowing all his adoring fans back home to follow along with his adventures. He must remember to put on the hat displaying his sponsor’s logo before making his presentation; it wouldn’t do at all to anger them and lose his funding.

The explorer’s ultimate destination is still some days away, so he sets aside thoughts of stopping for the night, and presses on, thinking of how he will boast of his mighty endurance and dedication to his task. He begins to whistle, to boost his flagging spirits and induce the remaining hours of daylight to pass more quickly.

The intrepid explorer is unaware that the noise of his passage has attracted some unwanted attention. Two young tigers have marked his presence in their territory and are stalking him, honing their own survival skills, passed on from their mother. They track the man’s progress, noting his size but determining he is no match for their combined strength. They are right; when at last they pounce, there is no contest at all, only a brief tussle beneath the canopy of trees, and an ignominious end to the explorer’s travels.

Back in their lair, in the dead of night, one tiger delicately picks its teeth with an extended claw.

“What did you think of dinner?” he asks his brother. “A bit different to our usual fare, no?”

The second tiger considers the question for a moment. “A little gamy for my tastes, if I’m honest. But a good size portion, so I’m not complaining.”

In the jungle, only the watchful will survive.